Karcher BR 100/250

Kärcher Industrial’s 40″ Battery Operated Riding Scrubber sports all the cleaning features of it’s larger brother, but with a little more ability tor reach tight spaces.


Product Description

BR 100/250 R

    • Efficient cylindrical brushes with variable pressure up to 572 lbs.
    • Brush speeds vary up to 1200 RPM
    • Wet sweeping capability with cylindrical brushes and large capacity hopper.
    • Heavy steel frame with roller bumpers all around.
    • Extraordinary turning radius maximizes maneuverability.
    • Long-life squeegee tool is easy to adjust
    • 66 gallon solution tank.
    • Easy to clean recovery tank.

BR 100/250 R Options include

  • Lead Acid or Maintenance Free AGM batteries.
  • Cab Roof with Revolving Signal Light
  • Work Illumination Kit
  • Multiple Range of Brushes for Any Surface